31 Mar

An ‘Alien Invasion’ inspires an explosion of artwork at Broomleys Primary School!

'Bang - here comes our artwork!!'

‘Bang – here comes our artwork!!’

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to Broomleys Primary School and asked to be part of a super exciting creative project ! What better way to fuel a child’s imagination but to have an alien space rocket crash land on school grounds ?!  Several exciting events followed as children set about deciphering alien codes, investigating events and tidying up their classrooms after they had been turned upside down by the apparent alien visitor! The children were even asked to help rebuild the rocket to allow their unexpected visitor to return to their home planet!

'Our pencil crayon design'

‘Our pencil crayon design’

It was an amazing and inspiring task to take those events and turn them in to a visual story to be kept forever! On day one, I worked with four groups of ten young artists, the children were selected by their teachers for their creative ability and put in to teams that included children as young as foundation year right up to year 6 ! We took our inspiration from the ‘Pop Art’ comic strip style of story telling through art, using colours that ‘Pop’ and shapes with sharp, dark outlines! The children were so absolutely focused that they did such an amazing job and I can’t wait to see their new playground mural go up !!

'Capturing the story of a very unusual visit!'

‘Together we captured the story of a very unusual visit!’

'WOW, all finished!'

‘WOW, all finished!’

On day two, fourteen children were selected to work with me and each capture a section of the amazing mural on canvas ! Each child was given a different area our ‘Alien Invasion’ mural to recreate! Again, the children were absolutely fantastic as they carefully set about painting their given sections ! They painted the rocket crash, the alien, the words  – ‘BANG’ and ‘BLAST OFF’ and even the rocket countdown as it prepared for home! I was delighted with how each child mixed their colours, carefully matching them to those used in our mural. All of the children spent all day with their heads down, focused on producing a truly amazing ‘POP Art’ inspired, wall of canvases to be displayed in their library and treasured for ever!!

I must thank Freya Munslow, my fabulous workshop assistant  who came in to help us all, it was really great to have you. Thank you to Broomleys School for inviting us and for The Friends of Broomleys for funding such a  thrilling project!

'Magnificent magnifying glass!'

‘Magnificent magnifying glass!’



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