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A Dream come true ! Solo exhibition of textile prints at LCB Depot Leicester from 1st March – 30th May 2014

'My window for three months!'

‘My window for three months!’

I really am delighted to have a collection of textile prints displayed in the window and on the walls of The Print Room at the LCB Depot in Leicester!

'Mae-mae and the Butterfly' Multi-textured lampshade

‘Mae-mae and the Butterfly’ Multi-textured lampshade

When I look back to my Window Dressing days, I remember how I used to dream of one day having my own collection of textile prints, designs and hand made products to arrange and display in a window on the High Street!

This opportunity certainly feels a whole big step closer to realising my dream of having my designs stocked in beautiful shops and in galleries far and wide!

'spring fresh ! multi-textural, layered, delicate prints!'

‘spring fresh ! multi-textural, layered, delicate prints!’

The LCB Depot is a creative hub at the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter and a place where creative businesses can flourish and I am delighted that Leicester Print Workshop presented me with the opportunity to exhibit there!

'keys and birdcages, pretty lampshades'

‘keys and birdcages, pretty lampshades’

'Isobel and the crochet print' - Cameo

‘Isobel in crochet’ Cameo design

The Depot has a fantastic new onsite cafe – Grays Coffee Shop and Kitchen is open to the public Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm, with great food and free wifi, so you can enjoy some refreshment after browsing my collection!


'Gary's Cafe - full of delights!'

‘Gray’s Cafe – full of delights!’

An Extract from my Artist’s Statement

Since joining Leicester Print Workshop in 2010, I had felt a desire to progress from printmaking on paper to developing my art into repeated print designs and to create a unique range of fabrics suited to making small scale textile products.This exhibition brings together the work and experiments that I produced during the year.

'The Birdcage and The Key'

‘The Birdcage and The Key’ repeat printed fabric

Working towards an exhibition has helped me to focus on combining my imagery with surface texture and pattern on fabrics. As well as using textile screen printing techniques, I have been experimenting with using the studio heat press. The foiling, flocking and puff binder print techniques that I have achieved using the heat press allow fabrics to have a two dimensional surface pattern and texture. I have used them to add to the delicate feel of my drawings and imagery.

'The Birdcage and They Key Cushion'

‘The Birdcage and They Key Cushion’

My ‘Family are Key’ collection of hand printed fabrics are the product of a very personal series of artwork which embraces my thoughts and feelings around motherhood and incorporates images of my two little girls as ‘Cameos’. My daughters are now a constant source of inspiration to me and I love to draw them and to photograph them discovering their world.

'flower garden layered prints'

‘Flower Garden’ layered prints

I love their appreciation of all things patterned and colourful and I find myself full of nostalgia of my own childhood when I see them play.
The choice of images included in my collection are a personal response to the innate sense of the passage of time that I felt once I became a mummy! As children grow, time moves on so quickly for a parent and we want to grasp special moments and memories and to keep them forever.

'Family Are Key'

‘Family Are Key Collection’

Not only did I want to include carefree images of my girls immersed in dressing up, but I have surrounded them with an almost fairytale mixture of sentimental items……
An old family pocket watch, my flower drawings inspired by my daughter’s favorite dress, butterflies flying freely through the garden, old rusty keys found in Grandad’s shed, Grandma’s china tea cups and a close elderly friend’s crocheted doilies.
In addition, the birdcages signify protecting and nurturing my children and giving them confidence and strength in preparation for them one day setting out on their own life journey.

'so proud of my window!'

‘lampshades from the street!’

I am really grateful to Sarah Kirby of Leicester Print workshop who came to help put up my exhibition and hung all of my framed pieces so beautifully! I wasn’t feeling too well on the day and my two loyal, creative friends Anna Michalska and Fay Benfield gave their time to help me hang my cushions and lampshades in the window! It was like old times with Fay Benfield as there was a time when we worked together dressing windows for House of Fraser in Leicester!

'Friends like these!'

‘Friends like these are what life’s about!’


'arranging the hooks!'

‘arranging the hooks!’

'Stringing the cushions!'

‘stringing the cushions!’


'My girls in Cameo!' hand printed, hand made cushions

‘My girls in Cameo!’ hand printed, hand made cushions

'through the window!'

‘a look through the window!’

I’m really delighted with how my work has fitted in to the gallery space and even more so that just by chance, their contemporary choice of chairs are lime green and grey in colour! I love the way that from outside, the prints mix with the reflections in the window of the grand old buildings of Leicester, a restaurant across the road and the passing cars.

'In reflection'

‘in reflection’

'busy print cushion in a busy street!'

‘a busy printed cushion in a busy street!’

These photographs simply give you a taste of my work, but please do go and see my exhibition and enjoy the subtle textures created by various textile printing techniques.

Enjoy the gentle layering of colour and pick out the quirky little details and text in my designs! I now find myself at an ideal point in my life to further my business as a designer maker and I hope that you will support me by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ this post on face book and telling your friends about me and my work.

IF you fall in love with a piece, you can reserve my work through the LCB Depot or Leicester Print Workshop or, if you would like to purchase a cushion please contact me direct on 077549 77796 as they are lovingly made to order!

Leicester Print Workshop have added an extra weekend course to there programme dedicated to screen printing on to textiles ! To join us and have great fun exploring the possibilities of working with textile techniques, click on the link and book your place !

I will be delighted to see you http://www.leicesterprintworkshop.com/courses/textile_screenprinting/

Or, if you fancy printing and making a stunning contemporary lampshade, this is the course for you ! http://www.leicesterprintworkshop.com/courses/block_printed_lampshades/ 





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