04 Oct

A vibrant addition to Long Lane Surgery in Coalville!

A collection of artwork is now on display at Long Lane Surgery in Coalville. The exhibition proudly displays artwork created by the children who attended my summer art workshops.

The existing artwork on the Long Lane Surgery walls was beginning to look quite tired and faded.

Thanks to your children, we have replaced it with a collection of contemporary printed canvases that will hopefully add a ray of sunshine to those who visit the practice.

The canvases reflect the fun that was had at the workshops, brightly coloured with images of butterflies, flowers, camper vans and VW’ Beetles, they brighten the waiting room, corridor and children’s play area.

‘Five A Day’ Mandalas now add a rush of colour to  a corridor that was once lacking in zest! The brightly painted and collaged Mandalas display a variety of juicy fruits. An appropriate addition to a doctors surgery!

Dr Nic Rushman of Long Lane Surgery has welcomed the addition of  fresh artwork with enthusiasm, he says,

‘I love the vibrancy and energy in Zoe’s artwork.  They have freshened and brightened the surgery enormously, and are quite beautiful.’

My latest printed and painted Mandala ‘Autumn Thoughts’ has been added to the reception area and I will soon be adding examples of my butterfly prints that are available to purchase.

(A price list will be added to my site very soon).

3 thoughts on “A vibrant addition to Long Lane Surgery in Coalville!

  1. What a wonderful collection of artwork. I look forward to being able to view your butterfly prints.

    Is LongLane the only place your art is currently available for purchase?

    Thank you,

  2. Thank you. The work is a credit to the talented children who attended my summer workshops – so thanks again to them all and to their parents to booking them in!
    Thank you Long Lane surgery for showcasing the work!

    My too fantastic helpers also have their work on display which is great. It was brilliant to work with two lovely ex pupils!

    My work will be available to purchase on line so watch this space!

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