14 Jul

A colony of colourtastic bunny rabbits for Warren Hills Primary School!

'Bunnies spring to life!'

‘Bunnies spring to life!’

'Carefully does it!'
‘Carefully does it!’



Five fantastic days of working with the children of Warren Hills Primary School in Coalville produced 64 colourtastic, beautifully finished bunny rabbits! 8 children from each year group, from nursery to year 6, were selected by their teachers to be part of the project as a special treat ! The aim of the project was to produce some striking, contemporary artwork to go on display in the newly decorated school reception area! Warren Hills School needed a project that was unique to their school and that reflected their logo (a rabbit!) and their school moto – ‘Learning Together in Friendship’

 ' Stunning Yr2 pattern work'

‘ Stunning Yr2 pattern work’

The children provided me with really great line drawings of bunny rabbits, I selected the best four drawings and exposed the images to silk screen, I printed 64 bunny rabbits on to calico fabric and devised a project that meant that each year group added colour and detail to their bunny rabbits in a different way! Here are the stunning results and some shots of the children on a mission to do their school proud with their very own piece of modern bunny rabbit art!


'proud of my poly printing!'

‘proud of my poly printing!’

‘I loved every single bit of it! I mainly enjoyed putting the patterns on my rabbit ! Thank you Zoe. From Kacie –  Year 6
'perfectly pink!'

‘perfectly pink!’


'Learning Together in Friendship!'

‘Learning Together in Friendship!’


'creating our WOW piece!'

‘creating our WOW piece!’

All of the children worked so incredibly hard that it was really tricky to choose one child from each year group to come and join in with making a large scale ‘WOW’ piece as a conclusion to our bunny rabbit project! Here are the dedicated children making a large scale piece to compliment the series of bunny rabbit canvases!

The photographs say it all really, illustrating the school motto beautifully – ‘Learning Together in Friendship!’



'a patchwork of all techniques combined!'

‘a patchwork of all techniques combined!’

‘I have learned something new and it was fun! thank you Zoe Potter’ – Jordan Year 6


'drying time'

‘drying time’