06 Jun

Screen Printing Rocks!

Here are just a few of my favourite images from our ‘Strike Up The Band’ screen printing workshop for children aged 5 to 14 yrs ! We had a fantastic, energetic time creating prints on canvas inspired by the young aspirational Rock Artists at Ashby Academy of Rock!

Talented photographer Fiona Millington Pipe and I visited the Academy on Wednesday 29th May to photograph young musicians enjoying their Arts festival Rock Workshop. On Thursday I whizzed over to Leicester Print Workshop with my daughter and taught her how to expose the photographic images to silk screen, we had a fabulously busy time!
On friday we held our screen printing workshop and whilst we listened to a medley of Rock music (thank you Freya for putting a great selection together!) we got to work on expressing the sounds through colour and brushstrokes, we even worked with puff binder and paint heated with an iron to give an energetic effect to the children’s canvases!
The children were fascinated and enthused by the process of screen printing colourful images of musicians on to their work and I am delighted with their fantastic results!

'Colourful beat!'

‘Colourful beat!’

'Living colour'

‘Living colour’

'Acoustic delight'

‘Acoustic delight’

'Lets print'

‘Lets print’

'Squeegee and ink!'

‘Squeegee and ink!’

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