17 Jun

Bluebells Blossom at Thringstone Primary School!

'Bluebells are just brilliant!'

‘Bluebells are just brilliant!’

A project inspired by ‘The Bluebell Line’ The railway constructed between 1881 and 1883 between Coalville and Loughborough. The line was known as the ‘Bluebell Line’ due to the flower growing along much of the length of the line during the spring.

'Tip toe through the Bluebells!'

‘Tip toe through the Bluebells!’

“Today was the best art lesson I’ve ever had! Thank you for coming in. I never new I was that good at Art!” – Connor Year 6

“What an amazing experience. I LOVED IT!” – William Year 6

“Time flew, I was trying something new with Zoe Potter” – Jasmine Year 6

“I have had a great time working with Zoe ” – Ivan Year 6

“It was the best!I liked everything! Best experience ever. Thank you!” Cameron Year 6

I am delighted to share just a few of the fantastic thank you’s that I received from the children of Year 6 at Thringstone Primary School ! It was lovely to capture elements of village history with emulsion transfer and paint techniques and then spend two afternoons painting the famously beautiful Thringstone bluebells!

'Sea of bluebells!'

‘Sea of bluebells!’

“Today was brilliant, I liked making the pictures look older and I loved painting the bluebells. Thank you for giving me a wonderful day! It was really fun!” Ysabelle Year 6

“Today was an excellent experience. All of the techniques I have learned today are things that I have never done before. The complete project looks beautiful. I am really proud of mine and Fay’s Art work! ” Emily White Year 6

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